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Alice Eve Nude Celebrity

Alice Eve is a popular Actor. The latest movies in which Alice Eve has acted are Bombshell, Starter for 10, The Brits Are Coming, Replicas, and Please Stand By. Alice Eve was born on February 06, 1982. Alice Eve is a beautiful and incredibly talented British-American actress. Born into a family of actors, it is no doubt that she was destined to be a phenomenal star.

Millions of people love Alice Eve for her movies and theater roles. The actress stands out for her heterochromia: she views it as an advantage, not a flaw. Few people have eyes of different colors. Alice’s right eye is green, and the left one is blue. The artist’s career has been bright and fruitful. Her life has been related to acting since her childhood, and the young woman’s choice was predetermined.

Eve did not limit her with university performances, though: she participated in Trevor Nunn’s and Tom Stoppard’s plays as well and then conquered the hearts of Broadway’s audience. In 2007, she was nominated for the Theatregoers Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

The 22-year-old artist debuted in the biopic about Stephen Hawking; her character was secondary yet distinctive. From that moment, the actress had many roles and kept earning her international recognition.

Alice Eve in She’s Out of My League

2010 brought the premiere of She’s Out of My League. It was not an easy task for Alice to play the perfect beauty Molly McCleish, but this role was one of the most significant parts in her career. As the story runs, the arrogant character rejects Kirk Kettner’s (Jay Baruchel) courtship. Alice’s parents played her screen parents.

The actress’s career was improving, and new offers followed. The next year, she joined the cast of the romantic comedy The Decoy Bride and played the blonde Lara Tyler who could not marry because of the intrusive paparazzi.

2014 was marked with the melodrama Before We Go. Alice collaborated with Chris Evans, who also directed the project. He gave Eve the lead part because of her British roots: initially, her character was supposed to have a British accent. However, she played the American in the end.

Alice Eve was born on 06-02-1982 in London, the United Kingdom with the full name Alice Sophia Eve. She is an English-American Film Actress, Television Actress & Theatre Actress who is known for her work in British/Hollywood movies and television series.

Rumors had it the artist was going to participate in Marvel’s Iron Fist; the company confirmed that later. The executive producer Jeph Loeb gladly accepted the Star Trek celebrity to the new project: he admired her talent. Eve personified Typhoid Mary.

The actress had been planning to work on a Marvel project before: she could have personified Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), but the role was given to Hayley Atwell. In 2017, the thriller The Stolen was premiered; it proved to be immensely popular.

Full name: Alice Sophia Eve

Date of birth: 6th February 1982

Place of birth: London, United Kingdom

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Nationality: British - American

Ethnicity: ‎Irish, Welsh, English

Siblings: Jack & George

Height: 5 feet 5¼ inches

Hair color: Blonde

Profession: Actress

  • Studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse during breaks from school

  • Began acting at 13 when she was cast as Olivia in a school production of Twelfth Night

  • Her parents, also actors, played her parents in the movie She's Out of My League

  • Played young Esme in Tom Stoppard's Rock n' Roll at the Royal Court Theater and on Broadway

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