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Female Artists Who Bared All For Music Videos

In the music business, exposure is everything. That being said, some artists have decided that the best way to get exposure is to expose themselves. For one reason or another, these singers have stripped down to their birthday suits for a music video.

Miley Cyrus This gal bared all for her “Wrecking Ball” video which was released back in September of 2013. She is swinging on a wrecking ball singing and not wearing a stitch of clothing. The shocking video won her a Video Music Award and spawned a ton of parodies. What little clothing you see in the photo here does not stay on for long.

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Natalie Imbruglia Imbruglia is of course famous for her song "Torn," in which she talks about "lying naked on the floor." However, it was in her video for "Want" that the singer actually lived out that lyric on screen.

Nicole Scherzinger Nicole was the lead Pussycat Doll, but she didn't bare it all in a video until she went solo. Scherzinger showed off her body in the videos for "Baby Love" and "Heartbeat."

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Britney Spears The hot single “Womanizer” from this entertainer featured her fully naked in a sauna. She used her legs and hands to keep herself covered. She also bared all in her music video “Criminal” in 2011.

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Katy Perry Candy was a visual aspect of her video "California Gurls" which was released in 2010. This video showcases a carefree Ms. Perry lying naked on a bed of cotton candy. The only thing covering her chest and bare bottom is a small bit of pink fluff.

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Rihanna This entertainer's video for her single "Stay" had Rihanna baring all in a water-filled bathtub. The video takes a tasteful tact from her regular provocative style. She was also nude but covered in silver paint in her "Umbrella" video that came out in 2007.

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Lady Gaga Being naked in videos is a normal occurrence for this entertainer. She has bared all in videos ever since her "Bad Romance" video was released in 2009. She has also bared all in the videos "Love Game" and "Telephone" in 2010.

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Janet Jackson The infamous Super Bowl nipple is the most famous incident for this entertainer. However, she decided to bare all in the video for her ballad "Every Time" in 1998. She was naked in a waterfall, but strategic camera angles, shadow placement, and other tricks kept her covered.

Pink Pink is an edgy entertainer who bore it all in her video "So What" in 2008. However, she had black bars covering her private areas.

Alanis Morissette Morissette was naked throughout the video for "Thank U" released in 1998, in which she walked around a crowded city street in the buff. She had a censoring blur for her lower region and was covered up top by her long hair.

Madonna Madonna started female erotica in music videos in the aptly titled video "Erotica" back in 1992. This video has both a censored version and an uncensored version. Madonna is in the video as a masked dominatrix and also manages to bare all.

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Kelly Rowland Rowland bared all in her "Down for Whatever" video in 2011 wearing nothing but shoes. There are a lot of camera effects and clever lighting that prevent the full monty from being seen.

Erykah Badu This female entertainer bared all in the video for her ballad "Window Seat" in 2010. The filming of the video took place in Dealey Plaza, Texas, the location of the assassination of JFK. She was fined for being nude in public and received six months probation and a $500 fine.

Times Artists Teased Fans With Nude Photos

Whether the birthday suit photo rings in a new year of life or raises awareness for a certain issue, here's a look back at the recent times artists flashed fans with their WFH attire -- or lack thereof.

Camila Cabello The "Señorita" singer celebrated her 23rd birthday on March 3 a few hours before the clock struck midnight with her "first internet nude," she teased in the caption of the adorable baby photo that showed off Cabello wrapped in nothing else but a blanket. Bad Bunny Bad Bunny has been rather naughty lately. His stay-at-home activities include getting a full tan from his backyard. "You can grab some sun from your house," the Latin trap artist advised his 26 million Instagram followers on March 20. Ansel Elgort In a since-removed Instagram post, Elgort's steamy shower pic from April 21 teased the caption, "OnlyFans LINK IN BIO." But the link in the 26-year-old actor/musician's Instagram bio directed his 10 million followers to a GoFundMe fundraiser started by his fellow The Goldfinch actor Jeffrey Wright called Brooklyn for Life! The New York-based campaign funds local Brooklyn restaurants so they can deliver meals to various hospitals and health clinics throughout the borough.

Halsey The 25-year-old singer-songwriter posted a cheeky picture of herself wading in cerulean blue water surrounded by vivid green branches on Earth Day, April 22. "NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!!!! Happy Earth Day! I encourage all of my followers to take some time to consider ways you can live more sustainably in this time," she wrote to her 19 million Instagram followers for her scenic PSA with pictures she took all over the globe. FKA Twigs Her boots were made for wearing with nothing else, per one of her most recent Instagram pictures from April 29. The 32-year-old artist tastefully wrapped her arms around her nude body while seated, prompting one fan to comment, "I wish I was that chair." Lil Nas X The 21-year-old rapper took himself to the old hot tub while posing nude on Instagram yesterday (May 3) from flexing his arm muscles to smizing over his shoulder. "No homo," he jokingly captioned the mini photoshoot after coming out as gay last year.

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