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Kate Beckinsale Nude Celebrity

Born in London, England, Kate Beckinsale was exposed to films and acting from a very young age with both her parents being actors. A bright student at Oxford University, Beckinsale finally quit university to concentrate on her acting career. Debuting with ‘Much Ado about nothing, she was finally noticed by the critics and the audiences for her performance in the BBC television comedy movie ‘Cold Comfort Farm’. Thereafter, she appeared in several films and finally moved to the USA for her big break in Hollywood. Appreciated for her role in ‘The Last Days of Disco’, Beckinsale finally found fame with the commercially successful film ‘Pearl Harbor’, where she starred alongside Ben Affleck. The film paved the way for a brilliant career and there was no looking back. Soon, she became hugely famous for her active role in the ‘Underworld’ series directed by her husband. With several successful movies, Beckinsale has made a mark in Hollywood and the critics have praised her many times for her impeccable performances. Living now in Venice, California with her daughter, she has interesting projects in her kitty and still has a long road to travel in the world of entertainment! Scroll further for more interesting information on this personality.

Throughout the 1990s, she worked on both film and television, most notably by portraying the title character in the 1996 BBC television series Emma. In 2001, Beckinsale garnered international recognition when she was cast as the romantic lead opposite Ben Affleck in her breakthrough film, Pearl Harbor (2001). Since then, she has portrayed a variety of characters in projects such as Underworld (2003), The Aviator (2004), and Van Helsing (2004). In 2008, she earned a Critic's Choice Award nomination for her performance in Nothing But the Truth.

Born in London on July 26, 1973, Kate is the daughter of the late actor Richard Beckinsale, of Porridge fame, and theatre actress Judy Loe. Her early years were marked by tragedy and personal challenges, with the loss of her father at the age of five and a near-fatal battle with anorexia in her teens.

Kate's growing reputation as the queen of art-house cinema was blown sky-high when she landed the role of Nurse Johnson opposite Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett, in the 2001 mega-blockbuster Pearl Harbor. And suddenly Kate found herself within Hollywood's big-budget embrace, her name inevitably attached to the label "English Rose". She wasn't about to become a victim of typecasting, however, and smashed the "rose" mould with the supernatural thriller Underworld. "I'm just glad to be doing a film where I'm not wearing some sort of corset or restrictive girdle," joked the actress.

  • Beckinsale appeared for the first time on television in 1991, playing a minor role in an ITV adaptation of P. D. James’ ‘Devices and Desires’. The same year, she also appeared in the film ‘One against the Wind’. The next year, she was seen in a 30-minute Channel 4 short film called ‘Rachel’s Dream’.

  • In 1993, she did a role in the ITV detective series, Anna Lee. The same year, she got a role in the film adaptation of ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ garnering a lot of critical appreciation for her work. She shot this film during a vacation while studying at Oxford.

  • In 1994, she played a romantic role in ‘Prince of Jutland’ and then starred in a murder mystery ‘Uncovered’.

  • In 1995, while in Paris, she starred in the French film ‘Marie-Louise Ou La Permission. The same year, she left Oxford and was seen in films like ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ and ‘Haunted’.

  • In 1995, she made her professional stage debut with ‘The Seagull’ at Theatre Royal, Bath. The next year, she starred in plays like ‘Sweetheart’ at the Royal Court Theatre and ‘Clocks and Whistles’ at the Bush Theatre.

  • In 1996, she appeared on television in the TV adaptation of Emma. The next year, she was seen in the comedy ‘Shooting Fish’ which was a huge commercial success, and also did radio narrations.

  • After moving to New York with her boyfriend, Beckinsale auditioned for several Hollywood films. In 1998, she was seen in ‘The Last Days of disco’ and her role was applauded.

  • In 1999, she appeared in the drama film ‘Brokedown Palace’ and the film was a commercial failure.

  • In 2000, she appeared in ‘The Golden Bowl’ which was her first film after becoming a mother. It garnered great critical appreciation for her and the film went on to become commercially successful.

  • ‘Pearl Harbor’, released in 2001 gave her the much-deserved fame and adoration from the masses. Even though the critics panned the film, it became commercially successful. The same year, she appeared in ‘Serendipity’ and was again praised for her performance.

  • In 2003, she became famous as an action star for her role in ‘Underworld’. This year, she was also seen in ‘Tiptoes’.

  • In 2004, she was seen in the hugely successful film ‘Van Helsing’. She followed this up with her role in ‘The Aviator’.

  • In 2006, she was seen in the vampire sequel ‘Underworld: Evolution. She was also seen with Adam Sandler in the movie ‘Click’.

  • In 2007, she was seen in ‘Snow Angels’, receiving rave reviews. She was also seen in ‘Vacancy’ which was commercially successful.

  • In 2008, she was seen in films like ‘Winged Creatures’ and ‘Nothing but the Truth’ both of which won her critical praise and commercial success.

  • In 2009, she was seen in ‘Whiteout’ and ‘Everybody’s Fine. She also did a cameo in ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’.

  • After a small break, she returned to the screen with three action films: ‘Contraband’, ‘Underworld: Awakening’ and ‘Total Recall’. However, she got negative reviews for all her roles.

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