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Konnie Huq Celebrity Nude

Konnie Huq is a British TV presenter and writer, best known for the children’s television show ‘Blue Peter.’ Born and brought up in Hammersmith with Bangladeshi immigrant parents, she started working with National Youth Musical Theatre in her teens in the late 80s and made her first TV appearance as a guest on the show ‘Blue Peter,’ which she later ended up hosting for a very long period of time. In 1994, she took on duties of the full-time host with the children’s quiz show ‘Eat Your Words’ and followed it up with a television presenter stint with the show ‘Milkshake!.’

Konnie Huq has managed to pack quite a bit into her nascent career. The London-born personality notched up appearances on Newsround and Milkshake, before becoming Blue Peter's first-ever Asian presenter. In a case of events coming full circle, she wound up working on the popular show after being awarded a Blue Peter badge many years before when she appeared in a play with a youthful Jude Law.

She further worked as an editorial assistant for the Total Sports Magazine. In 1998, she received the biggest breakthrough of her career when she was selected as the main presenter for the show ‘Blue Peter.’ She hosted the show until 2008 and in the process, she became the longest-serving female presenter of the popular show. She married the famous British television personality Charlie Brooker and made an appearance on his show ‘Screenwipe.’ Apart from that, she has served as a co-screenwriter for ‘Black Mirror,’ an anthology science fiction series created by Charlie.

Birthday: July 17, 1975

Sun Sign: Cancer

Also Known As Kanak Asha Huq

Born In: Hammersmith

Famous As: Television Presenter

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She started her TV presenting career in the early 90s and as her first guest, she interviewed the famous politician Neil Kinnock right before the British General Elections of 1992. That time, she was working with a children’s show called ‘Newsround.’ This stint attracted a little fame for her which became apparent when in the same year, she was invited to become a contestant on ‘Blockbusters,’ a game show.

She also made her acting debut in the very same year with a guest appearance on the sitcom ‘2point4 Children.’ And then in 1994, she received the first major career break when she was selected to host the children’s show ‘Eat Your Words.’ She worked alongside Mark Speight on the quiz show and quickly became a fan favorite. She worked with the show for two years until 1996 and then she left it to host another children’s show called ‘Milkshake!.’ Around the same time, she also worked as an editorial assistant for the magazine Total Sport.

In December 1997, she started hosting the show ‘Blue Peter,’ which turned out to be a career-turning event for Konnie. The children’s show debuted in 1958 and is known as the world’s longest-running children’s show of all time. For one of the early episodes of the show, Konnie went to visit her motherland of Bangladesh where she met her family members and relatives.

In 2004, she further became a part of the show’s extension ‘Summer Expedition’ where she went to India. There she learned Indian dance and also played a guest role in the Hindi film ‘Musafir.’ The show further took her to Angola where she met some stranded children and attempted to reunite them with their families.

She enjoyed great national fame owing to her long and successful association with ‘Blue Peter’ but it went downhill after 2007. In March 2007, Konnie apologized to her viewers about one of the competitions on the show being faked for the maximum emotional and entertainment impact. In May 2007, Konnie announced that she will be leaving ‘Blue Peter’ very soon and she appeared for the last time on the show in a January 2008 episode.

A 10-minute video clip was aired showing the best moments from her long tenure with the show. She had presented the show for more than 9 years and was the third longest-serving presenter throughout its long history. She had also become the longest-running female presenter of the show.

While she was active on ‘Blue Peter,’ she appeared on many other television shows. She joined the CBBC channel as the co-host for their show ‘UK Top 40’ and worked as a presenter for the show ‘Top of the Pops’ briefly in early 2003. In June 2007, she also appeared as the guest on the comedy game show ‘8 Out of 10 Cards.’ Later in the same year, she appeared on the celebrity version of the cooking show ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and presented the political debate show ‘London Talking.’

In December 2008, she appeared on ‘Screenwipe’ with her future husband Charlie Brooker and also guest-hosted the news show ‘This Week.’ Meanwhile, she also flexed her acting muscles appearing in the series such as ‘Robin Hood,’ ‘M.I. High’ and ‘FM.’

She further embarked on writing in 2009 and won the Best Rising Screenplay Angel award during the Monaco International Film Festival for her story ‘Ahmed and Mildred.’ The screenplay was highly praised and was eventually selected to be funded by Film London. In 2011, she wrote the second episode of the first season of the series ‘Black Mirror’ along with her husband Charlie Brooker. The episode titled ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ received overwhelmingly positive reviews by the critics and the audiences alike. In April 2008, she further became one of the participants in the torch relay ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. However, it attracted controversy when a Chinese commoner tried to snatch the torch from her hands. The police arrested the person and Konnie was left furious. She later called China a place with a horrible track record for human rights.

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