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Rashida Jones Nude Celebrity

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Rashida Leah Jones is an American actress producer, writer, and singer. She is the younger daughter of famous musician Quincy Jones and actor Peggy Lipton. She is known for her roles in the series ‘Boston Public,’ ‘The Office,’ and ‘Angie Tribeca.’ She has also appeared in movies such as ‘I Love You, Man,’ ‘The Social Network,’ ‘Our Idiot Brother,’ and ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever.’ She is also a talented singer, a documentary producer, a comic book writer, a model, and a music video director. In addition, she is known for her philanthropic and political work, too.

Following her graduation, she focused on music, contributing to many projects, such as music videos, backup singing for ‘Maroon 5,’ and movie soundtracks. She even collaborated with Tupac Shakur. Her acting career began in 1997, with a role in the miniseries ‘The Last Don.’ Her first success in the domain was the successful drama ‘Boston Public’ that earned her a huge fan base. It also helped her earn her next big role, ‘Karen’ in the popular series ‘The Office.’

She also appeared in ‘Now You Know’ (2002), ‘Death of a Dynasty’ (2003), ‘Little Black Book’ (2004), and ‘Brief Interviews with Hideous Men’ (2009). Following this, she earned the role of ‘Ann Perkins’ in ‘Parks and Recreation,’ appearing in most of its seasons. She then appeared in ‘The Social Network’ in 2010, with Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. She also appeared in ‘Friends with Benefits,’ ‘The Big Year,’ ‘The Muppets,’ and ‘Our Idiot Brother.’ In 2014, she appeared in ‘Angie Tribeca,’ a ‘TBS’ comedy series.

Rashida Jones has a fulfilling career as a writer, too. She wrote a comic book series titled ‘Frenemy of the State.’ It was later turned into a film, and she co-wrote the screenplay for it. She also wrote the screenplay for ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever in 2009, which became a film in 2012. She has also contributed as a writer for an episode of ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Toy Story 4,’ and ‘Q: The Autobiography of Quincy Jones.’ She once said that her father had nothing to say in the documentary about his life, which she produced. She added, “The intention was for people to get a real sense of who he is, the good and the bad.”

Her singing career is definitely worth a mention. She has sung with ‘Maroon 5’ and Tupac Shakur. She has also contributed to the soundtracks of ‘The Baxter,’ ‘The Ten,’ and ‘Reno911!: Miami.’ She has also appeared in music videos for Aaliyah, ‘The Boy Least Likely To,’ and the ‘Foo Fighters.’

She has contributed to the compilation of essays ‘Courage is Contagious.’ She was also a contributing editor of ‘Teen Vogue.’

She has lent her voice to movies such as ‘The Grinch,’ ‘Inside Out,’ and ‘Spies in Disguise.’

She quit writing for ‘Toy Story 4’ early, as she felt that ‘Pixar’ did not do justice to women and people of color.

She has been associated with ‘Peace First,’ a children-oriented non-profit organization.

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